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Graphic Design for CD and DVD

graphic design for cd and dvd

Your package deserves a great look

Every CD and DVD deserves an eye-catching and professional looking package. After all the work and care that has gone into songwriting, performing, and recording, a great looking CD/DVD package design will tell your audience to expect something special. At Sienna Digital, we can create that special package for you. Along with your pictures we will use images and textures from our extensive stock library to enhance and complete the design. We are also very good at listening to your requests and suggestions, and throughout the design process you will be in close contact with the design team to assure a smooth workflow.

With over 20 years in the industry and having manufactured thousands of CD titles, you can also rely on our experience to optimally prepare the artwork for the manufacturing process. If you already have started the design of your CD or DVD package but need help to finish it up and prepare for manufacturing, we can take over from where you left and finish it up for you.

Most CD packages can be designed within a set budget, please check our CD and DVD product pages where our standard graphic design packages are listed. If you are looking for a very elaborate design or just need minimal design, we will quote those projects on a custom basis.

During the design process you will receive electronic proofs (PDF or JPEG) all along the way, and if you prefer to see a hard copy print of the final design, we can accommodate you for a small surcharge for prints and shipping. Please keep in mind that a hard copy proof is not an actual sample of the finished product, its main purpose is to give you a general idea of how the colors will reproduce. This is especially helpful, since computer monitors all vary in color accuracy and cannot be used for reliable viewing.